Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Birth of a Name

Sometimes a girl gets a knot or two.

As you will soon find out, this blog is one of my five 2013 New Year's resolutions.  And so, rigid human that I am, I set out to start blogging well before (read: a matter of days before) the New Year.  I told myself that all my resolutions had to not only be hammered out in stone, but also begun before the bell tolled midnight that Monday, December 31.

But I couldn't.  I was stuck on a name.

I hemmed and hawed and brainstormed (even though the New Yorker says brainstorming doesn't really work) and mostly just thought about how I wish there were such a thing as a creative gene, and I wish I had it.  (And then I thought, "Well, a creative gene would only come in handy at rare times like this, so it's really okay that I don't." Truth.)

I decided to approach naming this blog the way I approach most tasks.  I made a list, and asked for feedback.

*Font changed to make the writer seem a little more cutting edge.
Yes, in a few days' retrospect it's embarrassing the word "sunshine" made it on there at all, much less to an actual brainstorming of a real title.  (I was thinking more like how much I love the real sun, okay?  In all its hot, southern goodness.)  

But nothing seemed right.  So bouncing ideas off my boyfriend, Michael, who teases me endlessly for my ratty disheveled hair, he offered Good Laughs Blue Eyes Bad Hair and Messy Hair Don’t Care.  Little did he know...

They struck a cord, and Blue Eyes Messy Hair was born, the creative girl's guide to lifestyle blog of a 25-year-old Texan who spends her time devoted to... hm... unfolding various things.

Sometimes it doesn't take organized thought-mapping or the creative bug to come up with a solid name, just the impishness of a significant other.

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