Hi!  My name is Abby and this is Blue Eyes, Messy Hair.  I have both.

I used to fill notebooks by keeping a diary for life, for dreams (as in sleeping), for childhood spy missions (Thank you, Harriet!) and for short stories.  That was all before I shared my teenage angst via LiveJournal.  And that was all before I wrote articles for the Three Penny Press, The Daily Texan and The Houston Chronicle.  ...And then life happened... you know?

My goal with Blue Eyes is to be able to share my curiosities, interests and delights in a way that has me honing my true -- if somewhat dormant -- passion for writing.  Expect my interests in food, money, running, and yoga to pop up.  Expect my actuality as a liberal Texan to show through.  Expect my pleasure in learning what's UP around me to thread through every post.

So happy you're here.  :)