Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February: The Good, The Bad and the Panicky

A February recap of my resolution progress:

The good
  1. Saved 27 percent of my February income!!  Cannot tell you how good that feels.
  2. Worked out four days a week every week in February – no cheats.
  3. Started doing tempo runs as a way to push myself without having to give my whole evening over to a long workout.  Even though they’re short, I think they’re helping with both speed and endurance.  Case in point: I ran a 10k in 58:48, shedding almost five minutes off my previous best time. Woot!

The bad
  1. I overspent on food, entertainment, alcohol and clothes… basically, all of the fun categories.  :/ The biggest culprits?  A few Lululemon tanks (gahhhhhhh they're so cute), these JCrew flats, and the Houston Rodeo.
  2. I ate out, then out, then out again.  I spent a whopping $218 eating out this month (and it was a short month!) as compared to January’s pious $119.  Ouch!  That’s money and calories.  It got to the point where I was actually sick of restaurant food.  The lesson?  Say no!

The panicky*

I had a little computer incident.  It was a little spill that turned into a little computer-not-turning-on situation for about 48 (panicked) hours.  Yes, I was panicked because I wasn’t backed up.  Yes, I hope I’ve learned my lesson.  Now my computer is working like a champ but I’m afraid to turn it off. 

*Okay, you caught me.  This actually happened in March.

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