Saturday, March 30, 2013


Heyo!  It's been a while!  I've been away.  Midland and Dallas for five weeks, to be specific.

So now I'm back, and back is good.  I'm spending this weekend cleaning up my apartment, laundering just about all of my clothes, and in general getting back on track.  I even splurged on a carwash instead of doing it myself because, to be honest, I kinda deserve it my car was a mobile disaster.

Here's this weekend's favorite get-back-on-track project: Adding greens to my apartment.

The original idea was to line my windowsill with cacti, a la:

Cute idea if you have a nice deep windowsill, but as you may or may not be able to tell... I don't, and when I came home on Friday one of these guys had taken a tumble.  No problem!  A copper planter from Target did the trick.

Each one of these cacti cost about $4 from Home Depot.  They were a total impulse buy, but I couldn't resist how beautiful they are.  Worth every penny.  I hope I'm giving them enough space here.

For the outside, I added greenery to my landing.  I don't have much of a space for a garden, so I used what little I have by adding two hanging planters, two potted plants (one of which is one of the cacti I just couldn't fit in my copper guy), a pretty vase to store what few gardening tools I have, and of course, a watering can (is that what those are called?).  This was a good three-hour project, including all the time it took to figure out what to grow, how to use my space, and the trip to Home Depot to pick it all up.

You're looking (from top to bottom, left to right) at rosemary, Thai basil, a little cactus, and a hydrangea I'm attempting to replant from the foil-wrapped blossoms I got for Valentine's Day.  Word has it these are tough to transplant, so we shall see.

Home-y!!  :D

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