Thursday, May 9, 2013

Abby Gets a Chandelier

Here's to proving even my tiny apartment deserves a chandelier.

I saw this a few months ago.  Native Citizen, where I bought the piece, is just a block down from Michael's apartment.  It sits a little too conveniently between his house and our favorite breakfast spot, so on our way to grab cinnamon coffee and breakfast croissants we often stop in.

I had been lusting after the chandelier for a few months when it finally occurred to me that if someone else bought it, I'd be really sad.  I started checking on it regularly.  I dipped my toe in, at first just inquiring about the price (a tax refund's worth), then its origins (an old New Orleans hotel), and finally bringing in friends to give second, third and fourth opinions.  But no one would have been able to shake me: It's beautiful.
Left: The BEFORE shot.  My dimly lit living room.  Right: Working on the installation.  It's nice to have a dad who's willing to do such things.

I used to always think chandeliers were for people who liked dainty things.  You know -- baubles and crystals and dangly details.  Turns out it's not so!

Needless to say, I have quite a bit more light than I used to!

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