Monday, July 8, 2013

Photo Review: Sizzling summer and a trip Upstate

Photos, as of late:

a creamy coffee wake-up to each morning I spent in Canandaigua, NY
downtown walking
Airport bathrooms make the most flattering light?
Mid-June squash blossoms flooded the Houston farmer's market, and now they're gone.  I cooked these by stuffing them with ricotta and frying them, breaded, in olive oil.
Exchanging information after a (little) car accident, the first of two over the weekend!
Funny that it took flying north to get my first real summer soak.
Lake Canandaigua
No one has more fun than a kid on a lake...
...except a grown-up with 4th-of-July soft serve.
boats waiting for fireworks 
9 miles was, conveniently, one lap around the (farming) block.
not the worst view
I love shadows.
Perfect field lines amaze my eyes.
Wedding time!  Dance floor feet!
That sky!  Bye Canandaigua.

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