Sunday, September 22, 2013

Photo Review: 9.22

Reward breakfast after a long run -- including my new favorite chocolate!  Really crumbly and flavorful.

Becker -- gotta love anything from the Hill Country

Just my neighbor walking her giant pet tortoise, nbd.

Daddy's 58!  Happy birthday to the best dad.

Making caramel icing

A handsome boyfriend and his new glasses :)

Solo movie night; I saw Adore, which was weird and sexual but also strangely up my alley

Remember when I couldn't have these two in combination?!

Just feet, you know. Tracy Shutterbean ever the inspiration.

I got two new pillow cases in Tukey and finally feel like my couch is all made up!  Thai and Turkish influences always go together...?

Foodheads, my favorite Austin sandwich spot.  I had one day in Austin for work, and went in expecting to be able to grab a sandwich before I hit the road, but they were closed.  I was sad, but the owners agreed to make me this sandwich.  For free.  People are so great sometimes.

My 14-year-old brother, the Rubik's Cube genius, continues to move on to more challenging pursuits.

Date night at Discovery Green made me reminisce about my favorite New York summer pastime.

Those crumbs. That missing croissant.

That pulled pork on a home-made biscuit.  Did you know I didn't even like buscuits before Revival?

And all together, eating them in good company can't be beat.

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