Sunday, December 22, 2013

Photo review: 12.22.2013

Yippee, it's almost Christmas!  Work finished Friday -- I won't go back until the 7th, which gives me plenty of time to relax, hang out with family, and play Christmas tunes.  In preparation for this release, however, I've been busssyyyyyyy, which is why these pictures are a hodge podge from the past month.  I like that they reflect, for the most part, the quieter parts of November/December.

My new floor!  My dad and I replaced the old (25+ year) vinyl tile in my kitchen.  It was a PROJECT.  Details to come.

Reading this book (so sad) and having coffee with croissant!  This rarely happens, and when it does I feel like I'm on vacation.

This actually may have even been on the flight to the marathon, but I had forgotten about this pic.  I just love the colors.

Boy room, morning sunlight.

Brother, fish pose.

My wishbone carrot!  Good luck until next Thanksgiving?

Michael and I went to this $10 wine tasting class!  It was excellent and basic, which was exactly what we needed.

So many Tiffany lamps

Good morning, Meega. :)

My first soccer game.  0-0, imagine that.

Sleepy static fun.  Does it make sense that this blog is called Blue Eyes Messy Hair?

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