Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photo Review: 1.19.2014

Hi friends!  It's grapefruit season… again, apparently.  In my naiveté with regards to the seasons of the fruits and veggies that are so dear to me, I didn't realize that we would get them again, and so soon!  You see, last year, in my Year of Paying Attention to the Seasons, I only saw the grapefruits come out once - in full force! - in April.  But apparently they are actually an October through May thing.  Who woulda thought?

Anyway.  I hope you had a lovely two weeks.  Here were mine, in photos.

Got a hickey!  …Just kidding.  I'm not 15, I swear.  This is actually a curling iron burn.  Almost healed now, but it was an embarrassing couple of weeks.

Made my own veggie stock using the suggested method of "using whatever you already have in your fridge."  In preparation for the stock I saved greens from carrots, onions, kale stems… but then decided to use up my extra Christmas-season fresh cranberries.  The stock turned out to have a pink tint and tastes a little too much like a candle… next time I won't be quite this resourceful.

In the process of making the stock, which had to simmer for two hours, I fogged up my windows and found that Michael had left me this hidden message.  When I showed him the picture, he laughed because he said he had drawn that months ago!

Michael got a gun.  I'll let you ponder that in any way you please, but I do want you to appreciate the depth of field in this photo.  Yahoo!

girls night = wine + rug sitting + Cards Against Humanity (p.s. Did you know you can download the game for free?)

An evening jog meant beautiful shadows / sun-in-the-eyes combo.


I want this bathroom.

This weekend I'm studying in coffee shops, and it's making me reminiscent of my college days.  I hope you're finding the same pleasure in your (hopefully) three-day-weekend.  

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  1. Abby, your photos are excellent. You have a great eye for composition, color, and contrast, and are always alive to photographic possibilities, even when looking through a dirty windshield. I am going to try to look at the world like this too, more often.