Sunday, January 5, 2014

Photo Review: 1.5.2013

Houston is pretty!  This was the view I had jogging near my house the other evening.
Happy 2014!  I hope you're having a wonderful first week, whether that means back to work or (like me) simply getting ready to do so.  I just spent the weekend with my best group of girlfriends, one of whom flew in from New York.  As she left today I realized that, with no marathon and no weddings in the City this year, I'm actually not sure the next time we'll see each other.  Is that what happens as we get older?

Here's what the past couple of weeks have looked like... 

Michael got me a new 50mm lens for Christmas, and it takes the most incredible food pictures.  I had a lot of fun over the break making myself nice meals and then snapping them.

I also had a lot of fun taking pictures of my loved ones.  The depth of field is just great!


I got a Roomba!  My new best friend.  I hate vacuuming, so for Christmas I asked my parents if I could have this robot vacuum instead.  Every afternoon this little guy vacuums my entire apartment, and the best part is I feel more pressure to keep my place clean, since Roomba needs clear floor space to be able to do his job. (p.s. My toes are still recovering.)

Beets on Christmas Day!  Served with fresh mozzarella, they were a huge hit.  (Recipe here.)

Brother and boyfriend, just before Christmas meal.

Our Big Bend friends, New Year's Eve dinner.  Everyone provided their own meat, and Emily and Stewart cooked!

I've been using my free time to do some massive cleaning.  I got rid of close to half my closet -- here's what's getting donated. 

Some best friend love.

Farmer's market goods!  Yesterday my girlfriends and I went to the farmer's market and picked up a bunch of veggies, then hosted dinner at my house.  It was delicious and so fun to have everyone over.  We served:

roasted carrots with micro arugula

Tavola pasta (available at Revival Market and the farmer's market) with mushrooms, kale and pesto

roasted squash with rosemary with pomegranate seeds

Happy start to your week!

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