Monday, March 3, 2014

Telluride Mountainfilm Festival

Michael I went to the coolest event on Friday, the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival, which is on tour right now. I had never heard of it until one day, in a particularly extroverted mood at the farmer’s market, I started chatting with Shelby, a Mountainfilm volunteer who was giving out information. As I'm always looking to fill my weekends with things (rather than, say, food), I took her brochure and dragged Michael to the event.

The films, which were all dedicated to exploration and adventure, were fantastic! We watched documentaries about a team of doctors curing blindness in South Sudan, Mount Everest's 87-year-old record keeper, and yes, mountain-climbing. We spent the evening at the Texas Asia Society, a beautiful center in Houston's Museum District I embarrassingly knew nothing about until Friday.

Check out the festival's tour schedule here to see if it's coming near you - I highly recommend!

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