Sunday, April 6, 2014

Photo Review: 4.6.2014

Who's excited for Game of Thrones tonight?! I don't know about you, but I'm all team Khaleesi. In celebration of the premier of Season 4, Michael said we are going to cook traditional Eastros food… I think that really just means a nice bottle of wine. :)

The last few weeks, in photos...

I did my first pedal party with a group of coworkers. For $45 a person, we pedaled our way through three hours' worth of bars around Midtown Houston. It was SUPER fun, and my favorite stop was Mongoose versus Cobra, a German-style bar with these amazing pretzels.

Even though it's still rainy and a little chilly here, the wildflowers have really sprung. It's illegal to pick them, but I bought this bunch at last weekend's farmer's market trip. 

I bought a bike! Last year, Michael got a ton of use out of his bike, and it made me really sad that I was never able to join him. I vowed that this year I'd buy one, so I made true on that promise last weekend. I've already gone on a few rides and, besides the soreness on my bum, it's been great.

breaking in my bike at the Bayou City Art Fest 

my beauty, next to Michael's

One of my best friends moved across the country on Wednesday. Just before that we celebrated his 27th together… Ray, you will be missed!


Bluebonnet season never ceases to amaze me.

Do you see it? The perfect spiderweb? It was so complete and impressive I couldn't take it down… though that will probably change soon.

Michael and I made sushi! Super easy… all about buying quality fish.

Enjoy GoT tonight, and have a great week!

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