Saturday, March 15, 2014

Where to Stash Your Cash: Short-Term Edition {via The Rich Life}

Editor's note: I totally back-dated this post. I drafted it up on my way to Honduras, and almost posted, but then vacation/relaxing got in the way (poor me!). 

When people ask me why I preach personal finance (…and let’s be honest, I may not get asked this so much as I tend to offer my opinion), I always come back to the basics: Too many of us don’t know what a brokerage account is.

Now, is a brokerage account the end-all be-all to financial literacy? Certainly not. But it’s a pretty great gauge, because if you’re the type of type of person who knows how or why you might open a brokerage account, then you’re likely putting your money in places besides, you know… the hole in your mattress, or (gasp!) a basic savings account.  

…Scratching your head when I say “brokerage?” Then this article is for you – let’s find you a new place for that cash… (read the entire article on The Rich Life)

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