Sunday, May 4, 2014

Photo Review: 5.4.2014

Hey, Spring. You and I are usually on good terms. I always thought we had a good thing going: You give me warm air and long evenings, and I… well, now that I come to think about it, this may have been a pretty one-sided relationship. But c'mon, no need to ramp up the allergies. Please? Pretty please?

Okay. Now that's settled, here are the past few weeks, in photos...

Chicago's answer to the Texas bluebonnet

A visit to Evanston, IL: The upper 50s temperatures had me breaking out my leather jacket, but the Northwestern undergrads were using the occasion to break out their shorts and tank tops. Isn't relativity amazing?

Banana maple pancakes. Woof.

newspaper flowers

"Spicy Zzolmen" at Oiistar - very much like bibimbap

The most amazing dish: portobello mushroom pan fried in reduced soy sauce - definitely on my list of dishes to recreate. Mmm!

my cute boyfriend

easy, pleasing place setting

evening jog through the hood

spring plantlings

In an effort to use the ingredients in my fridge before I grocery shop, I whipped up a soba noodle dish with seaweed, cashews, Korean spices and fried egg. It was delish!

Daddy bought me champagne flutes!

pancakes this morning

Perry was tickled that I approved so heartily of this tattoo he got on his 70th birthday.

wedding, string lights

Have a great week!

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