Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 115: My fastest run... and a case of peroneal tendonitis

my bones

It’s day 115, and a lot has happened since my last post.  I’ve gotten stronger, I’ve run my fastest, and I’ve also developed peroneal tendonitis, which leaves me hobbling around after every run.  Training is like that.

On getting stronger: Cross training, simple as that.  After short runs I lift free weights (in my front yard… hey neighbors) and do bodyweight exercises, like squat jumps.  Wednesdays I do yoga.  None of these sessions  take too long, but they’ve made a big difference in (hello, vanity) the way my body looks.  I’m not my skinniest self by any means, but I’m a strong version of myself.

On running my fastest: My marathon goal is a 9:45 min/mile.  I figure if I aim for this and allow little stuff to happen (short stops for water, slowing down on the Queensboro bridge, etc.) my actual pace will come in at just over 10 minutes per mile, which is what I’m really hoping for.  For shorter distances, though, like my 30-minute Monday morning bagel runs*, I've been running around a 9 min/mile pace.  This is really fast for me, and I’m usually panting and out of breath by the time I make it back to Luke’s Locker.  So when I recently ran an 8:31 min/mile 5-mile leg (say that five times fast!) in the Hood to Coast relay race (post to come), I was blown away.  I’ve never run a sub-9 minute mile for 5 miles.  I’m getting fast!!

On peroneal tendonitis: I'm not sure when it started.  I think it was in Israel, when I toured the country in sandals.  I know I felt it at Hood to Coast.  Then, when last Tuesday's practice left me limping for two days, I was forced to call the doctor.  

Like any good Millenial child, I didn't want to wait for the doctor to tell me what was wrong, so I did my own due diligence, and googled my symptoms.  Namely, pain on the top of my foot, just under my ankle bone.  And that's when I started getting scared, because WebMD and I agreed that all signs pointed to stress fracture.

Now, "stress fracture" and "marathon training" don't go hand in hand, namely because running through a stress fracture leads to things like... complete bone breaks.  So needless to say, I was panicking.  And thus, when two days later the doctor proclaimed that I, in fact, did not have a stress fracture, but boring old peroneal tendonitis, I practically kissed him.  

Peroneal tendonitis!  Peroneal tendonitis!  Wowee, the beautiful condition practically rolls off the tongue!  I can handle peroneal tendonitis!  I can run through peroneal tendonitis!  Yippee!!

But yes.  In all seriousness, peroneal tendonitis, or the inflammation of the peroneal tendon that runs from the oustide of my ankle and inserts under my foot, is not great, but a lot better than the tiny fracture I was envisioning.  It basically means my tendons have had it, like, up to HERE with my running, and they're aggravated and giving me grief about it.  Okay, I'll deal.  But I'm still training.  

So now I have an ankle brace (to support the tendon during my run, so it doesn't have to do so much work), new kicks, some prescription anti-inflammatories, and a positive attitude.

Day 115, by the numbers:

214 - miles run to date
14 - longest run to date
2:39:46 - time it took
11:24 - average min / mile pace (waaaaay longer than usual, due to a particularly lengthy bathroom stop -- actual running pace was around 10:05 min/mile)

New shoes!  Ankle brace!

speed workout after a thunderstorm

*Bagel runs are my new favorite way to train!  Every Monday morning Luke's Locker sponsors a 30-minute group run (15 minutes out, 15 minutes back -- you run as far as you can get in the time), and buys us hot bagels and coffee afterwards.  The short time means I can usually push myself to run faster than average (knowing it will be over soon), and the group aspect holds me accountable.  Come and join any Monday morning at 5:30.

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