Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Photo Review: Summer's end

Brenham, TX

This Labor Day weekend I visited my friend Dan's farm.  About 15 of us lay around the pool, barbecued, drank wine, watched football, and talked, all the while lamenting the last "true" weekend of summer.  I was a little blue about it.  While this summer has been a stressful one, I nonetheless find myself feeling really content with the way things have been rolling -- my group of friends, my job, my relationship.

September means change.  It marks the start of the (school) year when we're young, a placeholder that sticks with me to this day.  When I was little that meant new school supplies, a new class, new possibilities, and all I wanted was for time to MOVE FORWARD.  Now, on clear nights like Sunday's, rocking on Dan's front porch, listening to a pack of coyotes, watching the billions of stars come out, and surrounded by people I love, I can't help but hear a small, nervous voice telling me to enjoy, because some day I'll look back on this time as my happiest. 

And so the sun sets on summer!  And I wish it would linger.

The last few weeks of summer, in bits and pieces:

foggy downtown Houston


book, wine, airplane

my beautiful friends -- birthday celebration at Down House

after show at Sleep No More

pre-race loading

It's the only quinoa grown in the US!

pretty contrast

crab cake benedict

Oregon trees

Turkish tea -- that's jasmine, apple, and pomegranate

This dress is too short to be a dress, so now it's a shirt.  Bye!