Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving.

Daddy bringing out the turkey, me angling for a kiss from my little bro.

Happy Thanksgiving.  We, in the Terrell household, cooked ourselves a nice meal.  We didn't say what we were thankful for, though as I typed those words I announced to the family that we must do so before this day comes to a close.  And tonight, as the Thanksgiving Day movie is left as one of the few traditions in which all five of us are happy to participate, we're seeing Gravity.

In other news, I've started contributing to The Rich Life, a blog launched today (!) by my friend Charity.  Charity, who has spent her 20s living in Hawaii, Korea, Madagascar and now New Jersey working as a Peace Corps volunteer and entrepreneur, is propelling the idea that we should all live the rich life without weighing ourselves down with… well, anything.  Her website is devoted to "the practice of packing light," and I am such an advocate of this beautiful concept.  Check out the site!

Leaving this post thankful.  Let the holidays commence!

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