Sunday, November 17, 2013

Photo Review: 11.17.2013

Yep, I'm backdating this post.  It just feels right, since almost every photo is from the weekend.  It was a good one!  Another trip to New York (sans marathon!) and some quality time (even a date!) with Michael.

The Moth

Just before I left for NYC, a friend and I went to the Moth.  I had been once in NYC and loved it, so when I heard KUHF was supporting a Houston event, I immediately marked my calendar.  I'll be back next month when we tell stories about home.  I might even prepare one to share…  

Then back to NYC!  Michael's company flew us up for their annual party :) which meant renting out the Rockefeller ice rink.  Pretty snazzy.

Christmas in NYC!… well, almost.  It wasn't in full swing yet, but definitely getting there.  I love love love NYC Christmas lights.

Michael and I had a truly touristy day when we visited the 9/11 memorial.  Very beautiful. 

wine and cheese and Murray's Cheese Bar

My favorite friends -- we had a night at the Comedy Cellar and then later tried the oldest Irish pub in New York.
I dragged Michael down 5th for the lights.  Sad that the Bergdorf Goodman display hadn't yet been revealed.  I've never actually stepped foot in the store, but love the Christmas window display.

These beautiful flowers remind me of Caitlin's wedding bouquet.  I've never been impressed by flowers at a wedding, but was with these -- the mix of colors is gorgeous.

I had never biked in NYC before, so we rented them!  Pretty scary (especially here at 2 a.m… :) ) but totally worth it.
Have a good weekend!

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